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Alva Baby Swim - Big Size - Pines

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Stop buying the disposable packets of swim nappies and save today by using a reusable! Easy to wash in with the rest of the swimming gear, and cute enough to show off! 


  • These swim nappies can fit baby 0-3 years, suitable weight:
  • S(8-13.5kg), M(13.5-18kg), L(18-25kg).(a rough guide for reference only)
  • 3x3 snaps:to adjust the size into S, M or L fit.
  • Elastics waist and legs: Interior Polyester Elastics at the waist and leg openings
  • with soft lycra bindings provides a secure, stretchy fit and easy on and off.


  • Outer: waterproof 100% Polyester with PUL,designed for holding solids.
  • Inner: Polyester Mesh(easy to clean up, offering comfort against baby's sensitive skin).
  • Use: Adjust to fit baby. A snug fit in the legs and waist are key to avoid leaks.