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Santa's Undies - Newborn - Tummy Elastics - PUL

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Newborn - single row, 4 rise snaps, comes with a snake and booster insert which are both made from 2 layers of 500gsm bamboo fleece and topped with suede cloth. Newborn weight range is estimated 1.8kgs to 8.5kgs, depending on your babies shape.

Inserts are hot washed and then hot dried through a dryer, and this process is done twice or three times depending on time i have. This eliminates any shrinkage and curling of inserts and also allows them to be nice and clean. Inserts are a combination of a snake and booster for all three sizes. They are made from 2 layers of 500gsm bamboo fleece and topped with suede cloth as a stay dry layer for your babies skin. Each insert set is a different size to allow a perfect fit in each sized shell. To avoid confusion on main wash day when nappies are being stuffed/ snapped after washing i have a unique leaf top-stitch on my inserts to identify sizes. inserts are overlocked with turquoise thread and top-stitched with matching turquoise thread.
Newborn - newborn nappies come with a lay in snake and a booster. Leaf detailing on the snake consists of the leaf stitching being sewn around the complete bottom of the snake creating a U shape and the same with the bum placement on the snake, where the leaf stitching is sewn from one side of the bum placement to the other. The Booster has the leaf stitching stitched down one complete side.